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Subject Librarians by Subject

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Subject First Name Last Name Phone E-mail
African & African-American Studies and Urban Studies Rudolph Clay (314) 935-5059 rudolphc@wustl.edu
American History, American Culture Studies, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Makiba Foster (314) 935-6093 mfoster@wustl.edu
Anthropology and Geographic Information Systems Jennifer Moore (314) 935-5492 j.moore@wustl.edu
Art & Architecture Rina Vecchiola (314) 935-7658 rvecchio@wustl.edu
Art (Studio Arts), Architecture Jenny Akins (314) 935-4377 jakins@wustl.edu
Biology, Mathematics, General Sciences, History of Science, Medicine and Technology, and Scholarly Communications Ruth Lewis (314) 935-4819 rlewis@wustl.edu
Business Ron Allen (314) 935-6739 allenron@wustl.edu
Chemistry & Engineering Rob McFarland (314) 935-4818 rmcfarland@wustl.edu
Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies Tony Chang (314) 935-4816 tchang@wustl.edu
Earth & Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences Clara McLeod (314) 935-4817 cpmcleod@wustl.edu
Education and Library Science Cheryl Holland (314) 935-6626 cholland@wustl.edu
Engineering Lauren Todd (314) 935-7394 lauren.todd@wustl.edu
English & American Literature Kristine Helbling (314) 935-7466 helbling@wustl.edu
European History and Religious Studies Martin Cavanaugh (314) 935-7365 mcgocubs@wustl.edu
Germanic Languages & Literatures, Comparative Literature and European Studies Brian Vetruba (314) 935-4824 bvetruba@wustl.edu
GIS/Digital Data; Psychology, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP), and Linguistics Melissa Vetter (314) 935-5079 mvetter@wustl.edu
Islamic Studies & South Asian Studies Anna Robinson anna.robinson@wustl.edu
Japanese and Korean Studies Ryuta Komaki (314) 935-5155 rkomaki@wustl.edu
Jewish and Near Eastern Studies; Philosophy; and Classics Deborah Katz (314) 935-4822 dkatz@wustl.edu
Music, Performing Arts, and Film & Media Studies Brad Short (314) 935-5529 short@wustl.edu
Physics and Astronomy Alison Verbeck (314) 935-6215 alison@wustl.edu
Political Science and Economics Librarian Cynthia Hudson (314) 935-7465 chudson@wustl.edu
Romance Language & Literature and Latin American Studies Daria Carson-Dussan (314) 935-4581 carson-dussan@wustl.edu
Russian Studies Masha Sapp (314) 935-4820 msapp@wustl.edu
Social Work, Public Health Sylvia Toombs (314) 935-8644 toombshs@wustl.edu