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Dept / Library First Name Last Name Title Phone E-mail
Academic Support and Collaboration Ted Chaffin Head of Academic Support & Collaboration & Anthropology Subject Librarian (interim) (314) 935-6003
Academic Support and Collaboration Jennifer Killion Administrative Coordinator (Newman Exploration Center Guide) (314)935-5857
Access Services Deb Ehrstein Head of Access (314) 935-4087
Acquisitions Aimee Barrett Acquisitions Librarian (314) 935-3036
Acquisitions Tony Fafoglia Library Technical Assistant (314) 935-4823
Acquisitions Guy Gray Library Technical Assistant, Acquisitions (314) 935-5430
Acquisitions Grace Hamilton E-Resources Discovery/Continuity Specialist (314) 935-5486
Acquisitions Barb Hofmann Library Technical Specialist Federal Documents (314) 935-4759
Acquisitions Shayla Jenkins Electronic Resources Access Support Assistant (314) 935-8686
Acquisitions Glenn Meyer Serials and Receiving Assistant (314) 935-7120
Administration Denise Stephens University Librarian and Vice Provost (314) 935-5400
Administration Leland Deeds Associate University Librarian (314) 935-4259
Administration John Furlong Associate University Librarian (314)935-4551
Administration Nadia Ghasedi Associate University Librarian (314) 935-5487
Administration Harriett Green Associate University Librarian (314)935-3939
Administration Jackie Lorrainne Associate University Librarian (314)935-5400
Administration Christy Matteuzzi Chief of Staff (314) 935-3115
Administration Elizabeth Willey Administrative Assistant (314) 935-5400
Assessment and Analytics Jessica Kleekamp Head of Assessment and Analytics (314)935-6093
Assessment and Analytics Carol Mollman Assessment and Analytics Coordinator (314) 935-6465
Brown School Library Susan Fowler Brown School Library Director (314 )935-8644
Brown School Library Jonesey Johnson Library Assistant (314)-747-7806
Brown School Library Lori Siegel Librarian III (314)935-4064
Cataloging Masha Sapp Special Collections Catalog Librarian (314) 935-4820
Cataloging Mark Scharff Special Collections and Music Catalog Librarian (314) 935-2061
Cataloging Sarah Weller Cataloging and Quality Control Specialist (314) 935-4733
Cataloging Holly Weller Cataloging and Quality Control Specialist (314) 935-7627
Chemistry Rina Vecchiola Interim Chemistry Librarian (314) 935-4818
Chemistry Paul Hahn Chemistry and Engineering Library Associate (314) 935-6591
Chemistry Lauren Todd Subject and Instruction Librarian - Engineering (314) 935-7394
Circulation Olivia Mosley Help Desk Assistant (314) 935-2303
Circulation Sara Smith Help Desk Assistant (314)935-4632
Circulation Chris Brady Circulation Librarian (314) 935-5806
Circulation David Chance Help Desk Assistant (314) 935-5481
Circulation Jason Miller Circulation Billing Assistant (314) 935-2152
Circulation Kacey Owen Weekend/Evening Manager/Circulation Assistant (314) 935-4210
Circulation Patricia Topping Weekend (Sunday) Manager; Circulation Assistant (314) 935-5489
Collection Services Katherine Sathi Head of Collections Services (314) 935-3363
Collection Services Stephanie Biermann Collection Space Planning and Project Manager (314) 935-5452
Collection Services Eric Joslin Collection Analyst (314) 935-5011
Communications and Special Events Kimberly Singer Director of Communications (314) 935-2366
Communications and Special Events Diana Bell Events and Communications Coordinator (314) 935-9499
Communications and Special Events Julie Hale Communications Coordinator (314) 935-6569
Data Services Mollie Webb Interim Director of Data Services (314) 935-3511
Data Services Jennifer Moore Data Services Coordinator (314) 935-5492
Data Services Bill Winston GIS Analyst (314) 935-8426
Digital Library Program Services Andrew Rouner Director of Digital Library (314) 935-4022
Digital Library Program Services Emily Stenberg Scholarly Publishing and Digital Scholarship Manager (314) 935-2865
Diversity Programs and Policy Rudolph Clay Head of Library Diversity Initiatives and Outreach & Subject Librarian for African and African American Studies and Urban Studies Librarian (314) 935-5059
East Asian Library Joan Wang East Asian Librarian and Chinese and Japanese Studies Librarian (314)935-4816
East Asian Library Mitsutaka Nakamura Japanese and Korean Studies Librarian (314) 935-5155
East Asian Library Wanqiu Zhu East Asian Library Associate (314)935-5525
Executive Support Stephanie Bemberg Grants and Accounts Specialist (314) 935-7277
Gaylord Music Library Brad Short Music Librarian (314) 935-5529
Gaylord Music Library Karen Olson Music Library Associate (314) 935-5572
Gaylord Music Library Mark Scharff Music Cataloger (314) 935-5560
Gustavus A. Pfeiffer Physics Library Alison Verbeck Physics and Astronomy Librarian (314) 935-6215
Human Resources Adam Coleman Manager, HR & Payroll (314) 935-2179
Human Resources Jas Parmar HR/Payroll Associate (314)935-2783
Instruction and Information Literacy Amanda Albert Information Literacy Coordinator (314) 935-6396
Integrated Library and Discovery Systems Patricia Logsdon Integrated Library System and Web Catalog Manager (314) 935-4152
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Wanda Harris Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant (314) 935-2949
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Greg Kettinger ILL/ Reserves Assistant (314) 935-5451
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Gerard Ochs Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant (314) 935-2937
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Pamela Osley Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant (314)935-9334
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Karl Topp Interlibrary Loan Reserves Assistant and Student Coordinator (314) 935-5442
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg Art and Architecture Library Sarah Weeks Art and Architecture Library Associate (314)935-3708
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg Art and Architecture Library Rina Vecchiola Head of Distributed, Art and Architecture Librarian (314) 935-7658
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg Art and Architecture Library Jenny Akins Art (Studio Arts) and Architecture Librarian (314) 935-4377
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg Art and Architecture Library James Gardner Art and Architecture Library Associate (314) 935-4315
Kopolow Business Library Audrey McQuillan Asa F. Seay Business Librarian (314) 935-6739
Kopolow Business Library Ellen Riney Business Library Associate (314)935-4914
Kopolow Business Library Madjid Zeggane Database Analyst (314) 935-6963
Law Library Joyce McCray Pearson Associate Dean of the Law Library (314) 935-6440
Law Library Dorie Bertram Director of Public Services and Lecturer in Law (314) 935-6484
Law Library Hyla Bondareff Electronic Resources Librarian and Lecturer in Law (314) 935-6434
Law Library Frederick Chan Senior Cataloging Librarian, Technical Services (314) 935-6415
Law Library Yelena Fish Stack Maintenance and Updating, Public Services (314) 935-1723
Law Library Tove Klovning Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law (314) 935-6443
Law Library Wei Luo Director of Technical Services and Lecturer in Law (314) 935-8045
Law Library Kathie Molyneaux Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Access Services (314) 935-6440
Law Library Susan Mueller Circulation Manager, Public Services (314) 935-6455
Law Library Anne Cleëster Taylor Reference Librarian (314) 935-4829
Library Business Services Barbara Alvarez-Bedoya Financial Analyst Supervisor (314) 935-3862
Library Business Services Debora Spraggins Financial Accounting Assistant (314) 935-5470
Library Business Services Clarice Jenkins Financial Accounting Assistant (314) 935-4013
Library Space and Building Operations Management Sarah Laaker Head of Library Space and Building Operations Management (314) 935-5423
Library Space and Building Operations Management Bill Fryman Library Space and Building Operations Associate (314) 935-8087
Library Space and Building Operations Management Charles Harris Facilities and Security Coordinator (314) 935-8514
Library Space and Building Operations Management Bryan Henderson Building Operations Services Assistant (314) 935-9007
Library Space and Building Operations Management Mustafaa Holland Building Operations Services Supervisor (314 )935-5448
Library Space and Building Operations Management Derrick Nickson Building Operations Services Assistant, (314) 935-7513
Library Space and Building Operations Management Anthony Spraggins Facilities and Security Coordinator (314) 935-9825
Library Technology Services Philip Suda Interim Head, Library Technology Services and Systems Engineer (314)935-7846
Library Technology Services Todd Douglas Library End User Support Assistant (314) 935-6252
Library Technology Services Maurice Jones Computer Support Specialist (314) 935-5473
Library Technology Services Jerry Pelikan Computer Support Specialist (314) 935-5402
Library Technology Services Mary Skubic Library Technology Support Manager (314) 935-5447
Library Technology Services David Surmon Systems Engineer (314) 935-8329
Preservation and Digitization Danielle Creech Head of Preservation and Digitization 314-935-4287
Preservation and Digitization Len Augsburger Project Coordinator (314) 935-5473
Preservation and Digitization Jessi Cerutti Exhibitions Manager (314) 935-5418
Preservation and Digitization Shannon Davis Digitization Manager (314) 935-6349
Preservation and Digitization Nicole Fry Library Technical Assistant Digitization (314)935-4350
Preservation and Digitization Ian Lanius Exhibitions Preparator (314) 935-2827
Preservation and Digitization Ken Laster Preservation and Digitization Assistant (314) 935-4497
Preservation and Digitization Mary Whiteley Library Technical Specialist (Preservation) (314) 935-4612
Preservation and Digitization Teresa Yarber Digital Imaging Specialist (314) 935-9888
Research and Liaison Services John Furlong Interim Head of Research and Liaison Services (314) 935-4551
Research and Liaison Services Daria Carson-Dussan Reference Services Coordinator / Romance Languages and Literatures, Latin American Studies and Linguistics Librarian (314) 935-4581
Research and Liaison Services Kristine Helbling First Year Experience Librarian / English and American Literature Librarian (314) 935-7466
Research and Liaison Services Cheryl Holland Political Science, Sociology, Education, and Library Science (314) 935-6626
Research and Liaison Services Michael Massalone Library Associate (314) 935-4589
Research and Liaison Services AJ Robinson Islamic Studies; South Asian Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Librarian (314) 935-5714
Research and Liaison Services Michael Schaefer American Cultural Studies, History, Religion and History of Science, Technology and Medicine Subject Librarian (314) 935-7365
Research and Liaison Services Melissa Vetter Biology, Psychology, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Subject Librarian (314) 935-5079
Research and Liaison Services Deborah Katz Jewish and Near Eastern Studies; Philosophy; and Classics Librarian (314) 935-4822
Ronald Rettner Earth and Planetary Sciences Library Clara McLeod Earth and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences Librarian & Biology Subject Librarian (interim) (314) 935-4817
Ronald Rettner Earth and Planetary Sciences Library Ryan Wallace Earth and Planetary Sciences Library Associate (314) 935-5406
Scholarly Communication Services Micah Zeller Head of Scholarly Communication Services (314) 935-2947
Special Collections Management Cassie Brand Curator of Rare Books (314) 935-4950
Special Collections Management Joy Novak Head of Special Collections Management (314) 935-9820
Special Collections Management Tyler Bequette Film Preservationist (314) 935-6991
Special Collections Management Alison Carrick Reference and Outreach Supervisor (314) 935-5405
Special Collections Management Andrea Degener Visual Materials Processing Archivist (314) 935-9382
Special Collections Management Kate Goldkamp Curatorial Assistant (314) 935-4640
Special Collections Management Jim Hone Film and Media Digital Archivist (314) 935-5409
Special Collections Management Barry Kelley Library Technical Specialist (Processing Assistant) (314) 935-6992
Special Collections Management Skye Lacerte Curator, Modern Graphic History Library (314) 935-7741
Special Collections Management Robert Manley Special Collections Processing Manager and Digital Processing Archivist (314) 935-3259
Special Collections Management Joel Minor Curator, Modern Lit Collection/Manuscripts (314) 935-5413
Special Collections Management Vernon Mitchell Academic Engagement Manager for Special Collections (314) 935-9779
Special Collections Management Dru Parrish Digital Asset Specialist (314) 935-6375
Special Collections Management Daniel Pickett Metadata and Processing Assistant (314) 935-5443
Special Collections Management Miranda Rectenwald Curator of Local History (314) 935-5444
Special Collections Management Sonya Rooney University Archivist (314) 935-9730
Special Collections Management Sarah Schnuriger Manuscripts and Papers Processing Archivist (314) 935-8158
Special Collections Management Irene Taylor Audiovisual Cataloging Archivist and Metadata Coordination Supervisor (314) 935-8378
Special Collections Management Steven Vance Curatorial Assistant (314) 935-8785
Special Collections Management Gail Walters Born-Digital Processing & Curatorial Assistant (314) 935-7185
Stacks Management/Retrieval Sharolyn Norphlet Senior Stacks Management/Retrieval Assistant (314) 935-4497
Technical Services Shelli Kastin Head of Technical Services (314) 935-4151