Staff With Last Names Beginning With: S

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Last Name First Name Title Dept / Library Phone E-mail
Sapp Masha Special Collections Catalog Librarian Cataloging (314) 935-4820
Sathi Katherine Collections Services Librarian Collection Services (314) 935-3363
Schaefer Michael History and Religious Studies Librarian Research and Liaison Services (314) 935-7365
Scharff Mark Music Cataloger Gaylord Music Library (314) 935-5560
Schnuriger Sarah Manuscripts and Papers Processing Archivist Collection Management for Special Collections (314) 935-8158
Seitter Gladys Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant Interlibrary Loan and Reserves (314) 935-5451
Sellan Mark Head, Library Technology Services Library Technology Services (314) 935-6667
Short Brad Music Librarian Gaylord Music Library (314) 935-5529
Siegel Lori Librarian III Brown School Library (314)935-4064
Skubic Mary Library Technology Support Manager Library Technology Services (314) 935-5447
Spraggins Debora Manager, Library Business Services Library Business Services (314) 935-5470
Spraggins Anthony Libraries Facilities and Security Coordinator Operational Planning and Assessment (314) 935-9825
Stenberg Emily Digital Publishing and Digital Preservation Librarian Digital Library Program Services (314) 935-2865
Stephens Denise University Librarian and Vice Provost Administration (314) 935-5400
Suda Philip Systems Engineer Library Technology Services (314)935-7846
Surmon David Systems Engineer Library Technology Services (314) 935-8329